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wholesale ginger oleoresin

We are a trusted online supplier of Ginger Oleoresin. Wholesale ginger oleoresin is processed and packed under strict environmental condition. Our wholesale ginger oleoresin stands high in quality and is ideal to use in treating many health issues.

An Overview of Ginger Oleoresins

Ginger belongs to Zingiberaceae family of plant kingdom. Dried rhizome is used for the extraction of oleoresins from it. The extracted liquid is dark brown in color and emits fresh aroma of garlic. The pungent flavoured liquid is soluble in oils and water.

Ginger Oleoresin treats platelet aggregation, inflammation, thrombosis, decreased urine output, coughing, hyper lipidaemia, etc.
Besides, it controls and memory disorder, oxidative stress, etc.
Moreover, the oleoresin is used to flavour baked goods, beverages and confectioneries.
And also ginger oleoresin obtained from ginger is used as a stimulant, stomachic and carminative.

Ginger oleoresin is very popular among the world spice industry. Many people use it to make food taste with ginger flavor and taste. The reason why people like it very much due to its health benefits.