innovation by technology, development by quality

Hefei Dielegance Biotechnology Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer of pure natural garlic oil and ginger oil, Ginger Oleoresin in China, is equipped with the most advanced test equipment, thus significantly enhancing the rationality and accuracy of test.

Meanwhile, employees of test department must also abide by the standard operational procedures, thus examining, monitoring and verifying the production environment, raw materials and products in different phases, and conducting data management and analysis for innovation and improvement in the standardized practice.


Bring the 100% pure and natural garlic oil and ginger oil to benefit all people around the world.


Provide professional and rational product solutions for the customers around the world.


Supply considerate and continual service to the customers including product requirements, shipping options, packaging options, customs clearance, payment method, etc.

Garlic Oil Makes Us Uncommon

innovation by technology, development by quality

At Hefei Dielegance Biotechnology Co., Ltd., we ask not just “what if?”, but “why not?”, as we redefine what a garlic oil and ginger oil company can stand for.

Our global team of 5,000 use the latest science, insights, research, creative thinking and customer understanding to develop products that make an impact with consumers across the world.

Who We Are

Hefei Dielegance Biotechnology Co., Ltd., founded in the year 2010, is a premium company that specilizes in the manufacturing process, quality control and R&D. The popular products are divided into two categories, including garlic oil such as 100% Natural Oil, Natural Identical Garlic Oil, and ginger oil such as Natural Ginger Oil, Ginger Oleoresin, Gingerol.

We adopt the most advanced production equipment and complete quality control system to ensure the top quality herbal extract products. At Dielegance Biotechnology, we have a legacy of making great products which meet and exceed customers’ expectations – that’s why our products, serving a variety of fields including pharmaceuticals, food supplements, healthcare, and cosmetics, are trusted by the top tier companies around world.

We have established long-term and solid business cooperation relationship with many well-known companies, including IFF, VISION FOOD GMBH, Reincke & Fichtner GmbH, P.T GALIC BINA MADA, etc.

Why Choose Us

Research and development is more often than not a crucial factor in the survival of a company. Our company placed much focus on R&D, from personnel and financial, which make our company innovative and always in the leading place.

Besides, our company always adheres to the concept of “to be genuine with customers” and “to focus on the product quality”, which make us earn a good reputation throughout the world herbal extract market.

Along with the time going on, the company develops step by step to establish a much more solid foundation for the future development. Moreover, the R&D team is becoming stronger and stronger via participation of university R&D team.

You will not regret to choose us as your business partner because you will not find a great team like us Dielegance Biotechnology in China.

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Simon Chen


Simon Chen, CEO of Dielegance Biotechnology, is a man with love to the nature and sincerity to the business partner. After years of experience in production, R&D in the garlic oil and ginger oil industry and international business and marketing, Siom decided to start his own company Hefei Dielegance Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which aims to manufacture 100% natural pure ginger oil and garlic oil products. Due to the thankfulness to the gift from nature, Simon adheres to the principle ” to be genuine with others ” and “to bring health to the world”.