Garlic Oil 8000-78-0 Supplier and Manufacturer

As garlic oil 8000-78-0 supplier and manufacturer, Dielegance Biotechnology specializes in processing CAS NO. 8000-78-0 garlic oil for several years.

Thus, garlic oil 8000-78-0 supplier and manufacturer in China would be Dielegance. If you choose us as your first choice, you will be surprised at our garlic oil quality and excellent service.

Garlic oil is the volatile oil derived from garlic. It is usually prepared using steam distillation.

Hefei Dielegance Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a professional garlic oil manufacturer and supplier in China within several years experience, is devoted itself to control each step of garlic oil production, including raw material selection, raw material cleaning, crushing, steam distillation production, C14 test as well as packaging.

At Dielegance Biotechnology, we test and qualify each raw material batch before we approve its use. For garlic oil, we review the analytical results of both methods to assure no synthetics are present. In this way, we can supply you garlic oil with high quality and wholesale price. Many garlic oil customers would like to cooperate with us because of our garlic oil high quality and wholesale price.

Therefore, if you have any garlic oil demand, please contact us. We will provide you the natural garlic oil at wholesale price.