Garlic Oil

What is Garlic Oil?

Garlic essential oil is an effective decongestant and antiseptic – of immense value in treating catarrh, sinusitis and bronchitis (especially chronic bronchitis) and is probably best known to the lay person in this capacity. Many people take one or more capsules daily throughout the winter as a preventive measure against colds, etc. For acute bronchitis, Garlic should be used in conjunction with other oils to combat the infection relieve coughing and reduce fever. Its antiseptic, bactericidal and detoxifying properties make Garlic Essential Oil very valuable in treating acne.

Biological Name: Allium Sativum Oil

Appearance: Light yellow or Orange yellow liquid

Odor: Garlic spicy smell

Specs: 40-60% Allicin

CAS NO. 8000-78-0

Relative Density: 1.050 -1.090

Refractive Rate: 1.550-1.585

Solubility:Soluble in 95% Ethanol